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5 Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips For Hurricane Season brand

Hurricane season is serious business in North Carolina. Over the years, Wilmington, NC has seen more than its fair share of deadly storms, like Hurricane Florence, that have devastated our community and done countless dollars worth of damages to local businesses and homes. While there is obviously nothing we can do to keep these storms from happening, we can take steps to prevent some of the damage they may cause.

Preventative gutter maintenance may not seem like one of the best ways to do this but, when you consider how much water your gutters direct away from your home and yard, you can see why keeping them well-maintained is so important. In reality, gutter maintenance is one of the top ways you, as a North Carolina homeowner, can prepare for and potentially prevent hurricane-related flooding.

Before we get further into hurricane season, grab your ladders, head outside, and take these steps to prepare your gutters for the next big storm:

Maintaining Gutters in the Winter

  1. Clean Gutters

    This is something that should be done regularly, but it’s especially important to do before big storms. Your gutter’s job is to catch all the water that will be pouring off your roof during a big storm, and they can’t do it as well if they are filled with sticks, leaves, and other debris. Use a ladder and a pair of gloves to pull out anything stuck in your gutters. You can also use a leaf blower to remove debris from gutters and the rest of your roof!

  2. Check Your Downspouts

    Downspouts are the small, slanted sections attached to your gutters near where they meet the ground. They’re often neglected, but downspouts are the final line of defense against flooding since they are responsible for directing water away from your home. Prior to each storm, make sure your downspouts are securely fastened, pointed away from your house, and unclogged. If you’re still having trouble with flooding, consider purchasing some downspout extenders to give you more control over where rainwater can go.

  3. Secure Gutters

    While you’re up there cleaning your gutters, give them a little jiggle to make sure they are securely fastened to your roof. It’s not uncommon for winds and storms to cause gutters to become loose over time. Checking them before and after each storm is much easier than finding out you have a loose gutter in the middle of a storm. If you find they’re loose, you should consider securing them before a storm has a chance to rip them away.

  4. Seal Leaks

    How does raking your leaves help your gutters? Well, having clean gutters won’t do you much good if you’re just pumping that water into a yard full of leaves. Too much debris in the yard can prevent water from draining properly, so take the leaves from your gutters and those in your yard and dispose of them properly in a garbage bag or compost bin. Not only can this help your yard, but it will help prevent leaves from washing into storm drains and flooding your neighborhood’s streets.

  5. Give Your Gutters a Trial Run

    Once the yard and gutters are clean, why not take them on a test run to make sure everything is working properly? The best way to do this is by climbing onto the roof with a garden hose and running water throughout your gutter system. If there are still any leaks or clogs they will become apparent during this test.

Remember, these are great tips to help you out before a storm, but they can also be useful after a storm. Checking everything over once more after a hurricane passes will put you in an even better place to handle the next one.

And don’t forget that your gutters aren’t the only thing you should check before and after a hurricane. Your roof is also essential to keeping your home and your family safe. While you’re cleaning your gutters, look over your roof for leaks, cracks, or damaged shingles. Any one of these things could be a sign that you need a roof replacement, and that’s something you should never put off during hurricane season.

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