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Expert and Professional Roof Replacement in Wilmington, NC

Replacing your roof is a big investment for homeowners to consider. Searching for the right contractor at the right price can be a big task. We know that choosing to work with Carolina Flooring and Roofing is the best decision to make. We provide roof replacements that are high quality and affordable at the same time. Our expert team will determine the strength, stability, and overall condition of your roof in order to determine whether you need a full roof replacement.

Many homeowners don’t realize that extensive damage repairs after a storm or heavy winds can often cost more than a total roof replacement. Re-roofing is less economical that roof replacement because you risk suffering from the old problems that you use to have. It’s much smarter to eliminate every problem area and start fresh by installing brand new materials. Here at Carolina Flooring and Roofing we specialize in working with your homeowner's insurance and trying to save you money.

Roof Replacement in Wilmington, NC and Surrounding Coastal Areas

Not sure if you need a roof replacement? Some signs that you can keep an eye out for are:

  • Shingles that are broken, torn apart, buckling, cracked or missing
  • The roof is leaking into your home
  • Evident signs of wood rot or mold
  • Discolored shingles or tiles

If you need a roof replacement in the Coastal Carolinas, then look no further than the experts at Carolina Flooring and Roofing. Call us today at (910) 377-1904 for a free estimate.